Greetings from the Ambassador

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Hungary in The Hague. I was appointed Ambassador of Hungary to the Netherlands in 2016. Hungary and the Netherlands have long-standing relations. In my previous role as Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Hungary in The Hague, I have already had the chance to strengthen these bilateral relations and in my new capacity as ambassador, I will continue to do so.

The historic connections between Hungary and the Netherlands go far back. Already in the 17th century Hungarian Protestant students went to study theology or law at Dutch Universities such as Franeker, Groningen, Leiden, Amsterdam and Utrecht. After World War I, approximately 30,000 Hungarian children came to the Netherlands for a short holiday and stayed with a foster family to regain strength. Moreover, the Hungarian revolution and freedom fight of 1956 has received a lot of support from the Dutch people. Around 3000 Hungarian refugees settled down in the Netherlands, having contributed to the Dutch economic development and cultural life.

Hungary is a democracy; a free and independent nation that is firmly rooted in the Euro-Atlantic family. We are bound by our security and primary economic interests, and, most importantly, by our long-held political and cultural values. Connections now exist at all levels of society and in all possible walks of life among every-day people, civil and public organisations, scientific and governmental institutions of the two countries.

Trade and investment relations are one of our most successful areas of cooperation. In recent years, the Netherlands has regularly been one of the most important trading partners for Hungary. After the political transition in 1989, Dutch and large multinational companies with headquarters in the Netherlands were amongst the first ones to establish themselves on the Hungarian market. They appreciate the skilled workforce, the high level of business and financial services, transport and telecommunication infrastructure. They were quick to realise the benefits of Hungary’s business-friendly environment and its geographical position, providing them with the opportunity to create their regional centre in Hungary, expanding from there to the neighbouring countries. Dutch companies have invested and continue to do so in all sectors of the Hungarian economy. Today, Hungary’s capital Budapest is one of the main start-up cities in the Central and Eastern European region. The flourishing and innovative start-up culture of Hungary offers many new possibilities for Dutch businesses.

We are working to further increase and broaden these trade and investment relations between Hungary and the Netherlands. One of our main tasks in facilitating business is to provide platforms for different parties to meet, and to provide sufficient information on the business climate in order for investors and exporters to make well-informed decisions.

My office is determined to support initiatives from all sectors where we can help with our knowledge, network and facilities. Please feel free to contact us any time, we are always at your disposal.

András Kocsis
Ambassador of Hungary to the Netherlands