Registration of the decease of a Hungarian citizen

Who can apply for the procedure?

The application might be submitted by anyone.

The condition for submitting the application is that the applicant must prove the Hungarian citizenship of the deceased person at the time of the death as well as at the time of submitting the application.

Please note that the deceased’s Hungarian citizenship must be verified in all cases.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Original Dutch certificate of death of the deceased
  2. Electronically completed and printed, but not signed application form
  3. Proof of the deceased's Hungarian citizenship: Hungarian passport or identity card or naturalization document valid at the time of death and a copy of them
  4. Birth and marriage certificate issued in Hungary of the deceased
  5. Applicant's valid passport and copy

 Method of submission

The application has to be submitted in person after prior appointment.

Duration of procedure

The procedure can take up to 3-4 months. There is no possibility of expediting the process.


The service is free of charge.

Other important information

If the name of the deceased differs from those on his / her Hungarian documents, be sure to inform the consular officer before making an appointment. In this case, it must be proved by documents that it is undoubtedly the same person.


Domestic registration of death