Request for a certificate of good conduct



The certificate of good conduct may prove the following facts concerning the applicant:

- as no criminal record,

- is not subject to a ban on public affairs, and that the applicant

- is not subject to a ban on employment


Who can request the service?

Any person, regardless of nationality or place of residence may apply for a certificate of good conduct but only for his or her own data. The procedure for issuing a certificate of good conduct is initiated only upon request.


What documents should be submitted?

Original application form, duly completed and signed;
Copy of the applicant's passport or identity card photocopy of his/her Hungarian address card, if available;
Proof of bank transfer (€60 for certificate in Hungarian OR €105 for a certificate in English);
A reply envelope addressed to the applicant's name and with at least 2 stamps or a registered stamp - preferably A5 size.

Details required for transfer:

Fee for the certificate in Hungarian : €60

Fee for the certificate in English:  €105 
Account number: Embassy of Hungary - NL18 ABNA 0527 7008 00

Please indicate the name of the applicant in the comment field.

Method of submission

The application might to be submitted either in person after prior appointment ot via post.

For information on booking an appointment, please see our "General Information - appointments" page.

Duration of procedure is not longer than 20 working days.

Please check the amounts at ’consular fees’.

Other important information

The certificate of good conduct will be issued as a electronic document.

If the authorities asking for the certificate do not accept a electronic version, it is possible to ask the Hungarian authorities for a paper document.


You can download the form from the Consular Service website: Certificate of good conduct - Form.

Please kindly note that the certificate will be issued in Hungary therefore the form should be filled in Hungarian. As a help please find the translation of the form here.