Frequently Asked Questions

In this section our Consular Section is trying to answer some of the questions that citizens are regulary asking about.

  • Medicines

On the advice of my doctor, I am taking opiate medication. I am travelling to Hungary, what kind of authorisation do I need?

According to the information provided by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition, the general rules allow travellers under medical treatment within the Member States of the European Economic Area (European Union and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) to carry their medicines, except for medicines containing highly controlled substances, without a licence.

So in these cases, no certificate is required. For further information, please contact the website of the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition at

In the case of prescription medicines, a certificate may be issued by the general practitioner at the request of the patient, on request, and should indicate the name/address of the doctor who issued the prescription, the name/address of the patient, the duration of the trip, the name and dosage of the medicinal product(s), as certified by the doctor's signature and stamp number.

Therefore, as you have written that the medicine is not subject to prescription in your case, you can carry it without a prescription.

But please make sure you keep the drugs in their original container in order to prove the ingredients.

  • Visa

I am a third-country national currently residing in the Netherlands, but I would like to move to Hungary and apply for a visa. Does the Consular Office in The Hague can help me?

Let us kindly inform you that it is beyond the activities of the Consular Office in The Hague to deal with visa issues. Please kindly contact:


  • Heritage

My Hungarian relative died in Hungary, I am the heir. I would like to have access to my inheritance, I would like to ask the consulate for help.

Unfortunately, the Consular Office in The Hague does not deal with inheritance matters in Hungary (including real estate, moveable property, banking and all other related legal and administrative activities). In such a case, we recommend that you hire a Hungarian lawyer specialising in Hungarian succession law.

Of course, if you need document or signature verification in connection with the Hungarian procedure, we are at your disposal according to the information on our website.

  • Authentification

During an administrative procedure, I would need my elderly, sick father's signature to be authenticated by a consul. Unfortunately, due to my father's physical condition, he is unable to travel to the consulate but we have truely close relationship. Would it be acceptable for him to sign the document at home in front of me and for me to go to the consulate at the booked time to have it authenticated by the consul?

The consul can only accept the signature validation if the person signs the document in front of him/her, so the solution outlined is unfortunately not feasible. If the elderly person does decide to come to the consulate in person, it is also possible to have the previous signature recognised by the consul. In such a case, the consul will certify this declaration. In both cases, however, personal appearance is essential.


  • Finding old friends

I have been in less contact with a Hungarian friend in recent years. I wondered what he was up to, and I remember he lived in the Netherlands a few years ago. Can the Consular Office in The Hague help me find my friend?

The Consular Office in The Hague has neither the legal possibility nor the capacity to trace citizens, so unfortunately it cannot help in this matter. For reasons of data protection, information on the whereabouts of citizens of legal age cannot be disclosed without their consent.