Change of Name

How may I apply for a name change?

You can only apply in person, mailed-in applications will be sent back without consideration. Both parents have to apply to have a minor's name changed. You may apply at the Consular Service in The Hague.

How much is the fee for a name change?

A list of all consular fees is available HERE. All consular fees are payable only by Dutch debit cards (Maestro).

How may I change my birth name?

The change of a birth family and/or given name(s) of a Hungarian citizen is subject to the approval of the Minister of Interior.

Please fill this form out if you are over 18 and this form if you wish to change the name of your minor aged child

The change of a family name of a parent affects all minor children with the same family name unless explicitly asked otherwise. If the spouse has a married name that includes the family name the change is requested for, the change will affect the married name too. Both parents shall consent to the change of the name of a minor unless one of the parents does not have parental custody. If your child is grown-up he/she should apply for a name change in his/her own right.

The civil registrar change the given name(s) of the child only once upon the request of both parents. It is also the civil registrar who is responsible if the request is for changing the order or given names or abandoning one of the given names.

How can I change my married name/get my maiden name back?

A Hungarian citizen can have his or her married name changed during the marriage or after the marriage is dissolved, even on multiple occasions.

Please fill this form out

What documents should I submit with the application?

  • Your original birth certificate (and marriage certificate, if applicable). (Please, kindly note that you will be issued new certificates after your change of name is registered.)
  • your Hungarian documents (passport, ID card, address card). (We will make copies of these and give them back to you.)

Can I apply for a passport with my new name at the same time?

Yes, you may submit an application for a new passport reflecting your new name, however, it will not be issued until the change is registered.

How can I schedule an appointment?

To book an appointment, please click here

Please note that you should reserve one slot per application submitted – for example, if you apply for a change of name and a passport at the same time, you should reserve 2 slots.