Valid as of 1 August 2022

The most frequent conular fees



Citizenship applications



0,-  EUR



Registration of birth / marriage / same-sex partnership / divorce / death




Registration of birth / marriage / same-sex partnership / divorce / death

0,-  EUR

Voluntary acknowledgement of paternity 

35,- EUR



Passports applications


Passport for minors (under 18)




For parents raising one child in the family 

47,- EUR

For parents raising two children in the family

44,- EUR

For parents raising 3 or more children in the family

42,- EUR



Passport for citizens between 18 and 65


With a validity of 5 years 

59,- EUR

With a validity of 10 years 

75,- EUR



Passport for citizens above 65 

40,- EUR



Temporary passport (in urgent cases, only for returning to Hungary)

30,- EUR







Legalisation of signature

30,- EUR

Certification of proof of living

0,-  EUR

Certified copy

20,- EUr



Certificate of birth / marriage / same-sex partnership / death

0,- EUR

Consular certificate of marital status

30,- EUR

Certificate of good conduct


issued in Hungarian language

60,- EUR

issued in English (legalised copy of the Hungarian original) 

105,- EUR



Other consular affairs




Consular fee

40,- EUR

Change of birth name 

40,- EUR

(+ an addtional bank transfer of 10.000,- HUF to the Hungarian State Treasury)


Declaration of permanent living abroad 

0,- EUR

Permission for repatriation of a deceased citizen

35,- EUR

Other certificate of authorities

35,- EUR

Please, kindly note that the above data are for information only. As the amounts are expressed in Hungarian currency, they may vary slightly as a result of exchange rate fluctuations.