Authentication of translations

When is consular authentication necessary?

For documents to be used (served) in Hungary, it is often required that the signature on the document is authenticated by a Hungarian consul. Authentic copies and translations prepared abroad are generally only acceptable in Hungary if done by a Hungarian consul.

As indicated on the website there are different alternatives to have a signature legalized on a contract or other official documents, therefore, it is advisable to contact the relevant office in Hungary concerning the preferred and accepted method prior to submitting a request.

How can I have translations of documents authenticated by the consul?

The Consulate authenticates translations of English to Hungarian and Hungarian to English if the translation (prepared by a translator or by the applicant) shall be used in Hungary.

Please note that the Consular Service of The Hague does not translate documents. In order to authenticate English language translations, they must be complete and accurate.

You can submit your application for authentication in person (by appointment).

What documents do I need to submit to have the translation authenticated?

You should submit the original document together with the translation. Please note that during the authentication procedure the original document will be attached to the translation. In case you do not want the original (certificate, diploma, etc.) to be attached to the translation you are also required to send a copy of the document. 

Applicants should present valid proof of ID (ID card, passport, or driver's license) when attending the appointment. 

The consular fee should be paid by Dutch debit card (Maestro). Please not that fees may vary, so please make sure to check it beforehand

What documents do I need to have with me?

You will need the document on which your signature will be authenticated and a valid photo ID. Please do not sign the document in advance, as it has to be signed in front of our consul.