Statement on the Acquisition of Citizenship


When can I acquire or reacquire Hungarian citizenship by a statement?

Hungarian citizenship may be reacquired regardless of your place of residence if your Hungarian citizenship was lost for any of the following reasons:

  • you were deprived of your Hungarian citizenship by virtue of Act X of 1947 and Act XXVI of 1948, of Act LX of 1948 on Hungarian Citizenship or of Act V of 1957 on Citizenship;
  • your Hungarian citizenship ceased by expatriation between September 15, 1947 and May 2, 1990;
  • you were a person obliged to resettle in Germany.


IMPORTANT: You can acquire Hungarian citizenship regardless of your place of residence by a statement if you were born to a Hungarian citizen mother and a foreign father before October 1, 1957, and you did not acquire Hungarian citizenship by birth by virtue of the legislation in force at the time of your birth.

If you are a stateless person, you can acquire Hungarian citizenship if you were born in Hungary to foreign parents, and you did not acquire your parents' citizenship, on the condition that your parents were residing in Hungary at the time of birth. The statement may be made before the age of 19, if you have been residing in Hungary for at least 5 years before. If you are a stateless person but do not fulfill these conditions, you may apply for naturalization.


Where can I make a statement?

  • Citizenship applications should only be submitted in person.
  • The application of a minor who is at least 14 years of age has to be signed by both the minor and his or her parent, therefore both have to be present in person. Parents act on behalf of younger children, therefore the child's presence is not necessary.
  • The application may be submitted at the Consular Office in The Hague.


How much is the cost of the Statement on the aquisition of citizenship?

  • The citizenship application itself is free of charge.
  • Please kindly do note that although the procedure is free of charge additional costs may occur eg. authentication of submitted original documents (translations / copies) - etc.
  • A list of current consular fees can be found under the "Consular fees" menu item.


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