Voluntary acknowledgement of paternity


General information

If the parents were not married when the child was born a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity is necessary for the registration of birth in Hungary. Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity may also be done before the birth of the child.


How to apply

In order to submit the application, you will need an appointment.

You have to come to the consulate in person.


For information about the fees please visit the following link on our website: “Consular fees”.

Requirements for the procedure (6 altogether)

• Both parents should be present in person;

• Both parents should present their original, valid passports or ID cards.

(Please note:

In case of third country nationals only original passport is accepted.

No photocopies are accepted.)

• The original birth certificate of the child in hardcopy format;

Form (filled) in 1 copy

Please do not sign the form prior to the appointment, just make sure that all the relevant field are properly filled out with blue ink.

Consular fee should be paid via debit card;

• If the mother’s marital status is divorced the divorce should be verified with a marriage certificate or a court order.


Further requirements for parents under 18

If the parents of the child are under 18 years old the legal representatives should appear in person at the Consulate at the procedure.

For the validity of the voluntary acknowledgment of paternity the father should be at least 16 years older than his child.


Procedure time

Copies of the acknowledgment shall be posted to the applicants within 10 working days from the appointment.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail (Consulate.HGA@mfa.gov.hu).


 Form to be downloaded:

To acknowledge a child already born