Registration of mariage and same-sex partnership concluded abroad


1.) Registration of marriage concluded abroad

Hungarian citizens should register their marriages concluded abroad. The application may be lodged at the Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary in The Hague.


2.) Registration of 'registered partnership' concluded abroad

What is the difference between marriage and registered partnership?

The rules for registered partnerships are basically the same as for marriage. The main differences are: a minor cannot enter into a registered partnership, registered partners cannot use each other's names, cannot adopt jointly, cannot participate in artificial insemination, the mother's registered partner does not automatically become the parent of the unborn child, and if the parties have agreed on everything, the registered partnership can be dissolved by a notary. 

Who can enter into a registered partnership?

A registered partnership can be entered into by two adults (over 18) of the same sex.

What is the difference between a civil partnership and a registered partnership?

The main difference is that a registered partnership is formed by a declaration of will before a registrar and lasts until the death of one of the partners or the dissolution of the registered partnership. A civil partnership, on the other hand, is based on a factual situation, i.e. it is automatically created when two people living together in an emotional and economic community live together and automatically terminated if, for example, they separate. A civil partnership is created by a declaration made before a notary. The most important substantive difference is that registered partnerships create a community of property. In the case of civil partners, they are entitled to property in proportion to their contribution. Registered partners are entitled to maintenance on termination of the relationship, are heirs intestate in the absence of a will and are also entitled to a share in the estate in the event of a will. Life partners, on the other hand, can only inherit by will.


What documents must be presented to the registrar?

The following documents must be presented when registering the intention to enter into a registered partnership:
- birth certificate;
- birth certificate, identity card, address card;
- certificate of dissolution of previous marriage/partnership (sealed marriage/partnership certificate or death certificate)

Apart from the rules above the regulation of marriage also applies for registered partnership.


3.) The procedure

Steps of registration:

First, you will need to book an appointment directly through our Appointment Booking System.

Please note that both parties/applicants should appear in person for the appointment with all the necessary documents, as follows.

Required documents (eventually 8 altogether):

1. Original marriage certificate in hardcopy format (this is required in ALL cases)

If the marriage was concluded in a country other than The Netherlands you might need to get an Apostille or diplomatic legalisation from the country of marriage. For further information please contact us (via email) or the Hungarian Embassy accredited to the country of marriage.

There is no need for translation, if:

- the marriage certificate is issued in English, German or French, or

- the marriage certificate is issued in two or more languages including English, German or French.

If the marriage certificate is issued in other languages a legalised translation should be enclosed. The translation can be prepared by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd (, or the priorly prepared translation might be legalised by the competent Hungarian Consulate (for the applicable consular fees, please click here).

2. Copy of  birth certificate of the Hungarian party

3. Completed and signed application form.

Please fill in the application form in Hungarian with block capital letters in accordance with the rules of the Hungarian language.

4. Proof of marital status of the Hungarian national prior to the marriage

If you were divorced before getting married again, the final court decision about the divorce (with Hungarian translation) is necessary to be provided. If the marriage was dissolved within the EU after 1 May 2004 please submit the certificate issued by the court in accordance with Brussels II regulation (Certificate referred to in Article 39 of Council Regulation 8EC) No. 2201/2003 of 27 November 2003 concerning judgments in matrimonial matters – form D180. This certificate does not need to be translated in Hungarian.

If you were widow(er) before getting married again: death certificate of the deceased spouse is necessary to be provided.

5. Proof of Hungarian nationality

Valid passport, valid identity card or certificate of nationality (issued within the past 3 years) are accepted.

6. Proof of nationality in respect of the non-Hungarian party

Only a valid passport in original hardcopy format is accepted.

7. Certificate of marital status of the non-Hungarian party prior to the marriage

The non-Hungarian party has to present an official certificate on his/her previous family status (prior to the marriage). This document should be translated to Hungarian by the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Ltd (http://www. or the translation might be legalised by the competent Hungarian Consulate. (ie. Hungarian Consulate accredited to the country of origin of the non-Hungarian party). Apostille or diplomatic legalisation from the country of origin might also be necessary.

8. Request for registration in the Registry of Personal Data and Address

The Hungarian national has to fill in point IV. of the application form in the following cases:

• if the Hungarian national does not have a valid Hungarian ID card AND

• he/she does not have a Hungarian address card with the remark “Külföldön élő magyar állampolgár” AND

  - he/she has never lived in Hungary.

For information about the fees please click here.

Application form for registration of marriage

Please note that Hungarian is the official language in Hungary. Although the staff of the consulate stays ot your disposal in English the Hungarian authorities only accept forms filled out in Hungarian language. Therefore we kindly ask all costumers to fill out all forms in Hungarian.

Please download and fill (but do not sign) application forms from our website in advance.


Application form in English

Appication form for registration of registered partnership