Who can apply?

Hungarian citizen individuals may apply.

Method of application

Passport applications (or in other words, renewal of passports - same process) have to be submitted in person, after booking an appointment.

For information on booking an appointment, please visit: https://konzinfobooking.mfa.gov.hu/.

In all cases, clients will receive a new passport and the old one will be voided.  

Please note that no passport application can be submitted in case:

- your life events (birth, marriage, divorce or spouse's decease) have not been  registered in Hungary yet, or 
- any of the required documents are missing.

Documents to be submitted when applying

1.) Applicants over 18

- Current Hungarian passport
- valid passport or ID
- filled (but not signed) application form (see below)

In addition, if you had been issued:

- a Hungarian LIG „address” card („lakcímkártya”)
- Certificate of Citizenship  (not older than 3 years) or „honosítási okirat”
- Hungarian certificate of change of name „névváltoztatási okirat” (issued by the Hungarian authorities)


If the child was born abroad and his or her birth has not yet been registered in Hungary, you must also apply separately, because the Hungarian birth certificate is the basis for issuing a Hungarian passport.

Marital name or a name that has been changed can only appear in your Hungarian passport if you already registered your marriage/change of name in Hungary beforehand, and you have received the certificates confirming these issued by Hungarian authorities

In case you are applying for a new passport due to your current Hungarian passport having been stolen, an official record from the Police on your report of the stolen document is necessary.

            2.) Appalicants under 18

  • Both parents and minors over the age of 6 must be present;
  • Both parents’ valid passports or ID;
  • Hungarian birth certificate of minor (issued by the Hungarian authorities) for first passport; 
  • Hungarian marriage certificate of Hungarian citizen parent (issued by the Hungarian authorities)

In addition, if you/minor had been issued:

  • Minor person’s valid Dutch passport;
  • Minor person’s current Hungarian passport;
  • Hungarian LIG „address” card („lakcímkártya”) of the Minor person;
  • Certificate of Citizenship (not older than 3 years) or „honosítási okirat”;
  • Certificate of change of name „névváltoztatási okirat” (issued by the Hungarian authorities).

3.) Special information applicabla for children under 12

The child does not have to be present in person

In addition to be submitted:

1 pasphoto of official standard (not older than 1 month) is necessary

*The application of a minor (i.e. under the age of 18)  must be submitted by the legal representative of the child. When evaluating the application of a minor or a person under guardianship, it is necessary to examine whether the parents (legal representatives) have given the necessary consent for the issuance of the passport, or in case relavant, the cessation, termination, or suspension of parental supervision must be examined by the consular officer upon application.

If only one parent is present in person when the application is submitted, it must be checked whether the other parent has made a statement agreeing to the issuance of the travel document. In such a case, it is possible to use the original copy of the declaration of consent only if it was initiated within 15 days of launching the passport application. (The parental consent form should include the details of the child and parents, that the parent consents to the passport application, the details of two witnesses, their signatures, the parents' signatures, the date (place, time) and preferably the contact details and a copy of the valid document of the parent making the declaration).


Application fees can be paid by Dutch debit card only.

Please visit the following link for information on fees

Administration time:

Completed passports are delivered to the consulate from Hungary at set intervals, and the passport will usually arrive at the consulate within 4-6 weeks
The consulate then processes the passports in the order of arrival and notifies or mails them to the clients. The processing times listed apply to passport applications that are submitted in full and in order. Any deficiencies will result in a further extension of the processing time. Please take this period into account when planning your travel but, given that the processing time may be longer, please do not purchase tickets for travel before you receive your passport (airline ticket, bus ticket, etc.), as the Consulate cannot be held responsible for any damage that may result.

Forms to download

(Please, kindly note that passports are issued by the competent Hungarian authorities therefore the forms should be filled out in Hungarian language. Feel free to use a digital vocabulary to facilitate the work.)

passport application over 18

passport application under 18

parental declaration of consent

request for sending the document via post