On 25 October 2023, our embassy organized a concert on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Hungarian composer György Ligeti. 

Members of the diplomatic corps in the Netherlands, high-ranking representatives of Dutch ministries and municipalities, as well as economic and cultural partners of our embassy were present at the concert which was performed by The Hague Hungarian Choir and pianist Máté Lachegyi in Diligentia Theatre in The Hague.

Ambassador András Kocsis, while recalling the biography and most important artworks of György Ligeti, emphasized in his opening speech that the Hungarian composer became one of the most prominent serialists of the 20th century whose innovative approach had a great impact on the literature of classical music.

Ambassador András Kocsis also took the opportunity to express his respect to the memory of the victims and heroes of the 1956 revolution and freedom fight of Hungary recalling that the Hungarian people took a heroic action against the communist dictatorship and Soviet oppression during the revolution. He emphasized that the freedom fight claimed many lives and – like in the case of György Ligeti – hundreds of thousands of people were forced to escape from Hungary.

The concert ended with a reception.

The event was supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.